T.A. Brown Elementary School

Instructional/Curriculum Specialists

Meet our Bilingual Reading Specialist! 
My name is Christine Flores and I am the Bilingual Reading Specialist at T.A. Brown Elementary School. I am originally from Brooklyn, NY, but have lived in Texas for most of my adult life. As Austin is my home; so is T.A. Brown.
I have worked at T.A. Brown for the past 19 years and through the years have worked closely with the T.A. Brown community, teachers, and students in the area of literacy.  I am currently working with small groups of students from 2nd grade through 5th grade. I concentrate on helping the students become stronger readers by teaching phonics, building their vocabulary, increasing their reading fluency, and helping them to comprehend what they are reading.  
I love working with the students and watching them become independent readers. I enjoy working at T.A. Brown and sharing my passion for reading with the students and helping them to become life-long readers and learners. 
Please let me know how I can help you as you support the reading of your children.
Christine Flores  
Bilingual Reading Specialist                                                                                              
T.A Brown Elementary School                                                                                        


Meet our Math & Science Instructional/Curriculum Specialist!
Hello Parents. I am Maria Cruz, the Math and Science Instructional/Curriculum Specialist at T.A. Brown. I have 13 years of teaching experience and I am passionate about Math and Science education. My role in this campus is to support teachers in classroom instruction and curriculum implementation, and assist students in small group interventions and after-school tutoring.
I am also here to serve you in the areas of Math and Science by providing you with strategies and resources that you may use to help your child at home. I look forward to meeting you and working with your child to achieve their academic goals.
Maria Cruz
Math & Science