T.A. Brown Elementary School


Music at T.A. Brown

Music at T.A. Brown is a special experience for students.  We sing, dance, create, play instruments, discuss culture, and increase our musical literacy.  Students build their musicianship via various aural, visual, and kinesthetic activities.

These activities are in accordance with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, and follow effective techniques from Kodaly, Orff, Dalcroze, and Gordon learning theories and pedagogies.  

The main goal: to instill a lifelong love of musicianship.  

Students are frequently assessed, receive feedback, and have opportunities to grow and express themselves.

Música en T.A. Brown

La música en TA Brown es una experiencia especial para los estudiantes. Cantamos, bailamos, creamos, tocamos instrumentos, discutimos cultura y aumentamos nuestra alfabetización musical. Los estudiantes construyen su música a través de varias actividades auditivas, visuales y cinestésicas.

Estas actividades están de acuerdo con el Conocimiento y Habilidades Esenciales de Texas, y siguen técnicas efectivas de Kodaly, Orff, Dalcroze y Gordon las teorías y pedagogías de aprendizaje.

El objetivo principal: inculcar un amor de por vida por la música.

Los estudiantes son frecuentemente evaluados, reciben comentarios y tienen oportunidades de crecer y expresarse.


Meet Mr. Gray:

I am a Texas native, born in Southeast Texas and moved to the Austin area when I was 8.  While I have lived in Southern California, and Dallas, I do consider Austin my home. I received my music degree from the University of Texas, Austin, and my certification from Texas State University.  My primary instrument is percussion, and I also play the piano. Hobbies include reading, visiting coffeeshops, playing video games, and working on music.

Jacob Gray

Music Teacher